Cleaning Tips

October 9th, 2013


To clean solid silver cutlery immerse it for a few minutes in soda crystals dissolved in hot water, then rinse and dry.

To remove red wine spills sprinkle with soda water and dry off with a paper towel, continue until the stain has gone.

To remove limescale deposits particularly from shower heads immerse the shower head in a solution of hot white wine vinegar and then after an hour scrub the shower head to remove and remaining limescale.

Use one quarter vinegar and three quarters warm water when cleaning glass and the finish off with a dry cloth.

To remove ball point pen marks dab the affected area with methylated spirits but first test an area out of sight with the methylated spirits to see that it in turn does not mark.

Removing coffee and tea stains can be done by soaking in a solution of one part of vinegar to two parts of warm water.

Credit Cards – tips and advice

September 17th, 2013

Credit Cards – tips and advice
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Applying for too many credit cards or switching cards often may have an effect on your credit rating. The problem arises because each time you apply for a card the information is recorded so it may appear to a new card provider that you already have too many credit cards or alternatively that nobody wants to supply you with a new credit card.

In a lot of countries you are insured for purchases made using a credit card so if you have a problem with the supplier then you may have a claim against your card company.

You a responsible for keeping your card safe and if it is compromised or stolen then you must inform the card company immediately.

Keep your PIN number confidential, always keep your card in sight when paying in shops, restaurants etc. Check you card statement as soon as you receive it for any transactions you don’t recognize. Always use secure web sites when making a payment on-line.

Any problems making repayments on your card then talk to the credit card provider immediately, good communication lessens the risk of major problems further down the line.

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